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Shop eco-friendly playmats

Looking for ways to reduce sensory overload at playtime? Uncover a growing collection of our eco-friendly playmats.
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Promoting creative play with sustainable cork playmats

Made with ethically sourced Portuguese cork and finished with vibrant, quirky designs, our playmats offer sustainability and joyful play in one! Shop our latest range and create a wonderful space for imaginative play and open-ended exploration.

Curious about our use of cork? It's all for good reason! Find out how our playmats promote care for the environment and how you can benefit, too.

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Corkademy Cork Playmat Sweet Meadow toddler playing on a rocking toy on cork mat

Helping you reimagine playtime

Corkademy combines safety, stylish, and sustainable materials to deliver hard-wearing natural cork playmats for kids. From crawling babies and ambling toddlers to older children who can't resist rolling about, our playmats provide a safe space to play. We use Portuguese cork to create a fun, imaginative play area for you to connect with your kids.
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