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Why we use wonderful cork

Antimicrobial, non-toxic, and 100% natural, the benefits of using cork in the Corkademy range of eco-friendly children's products go on!
Uncover the benefits of Portuguese cork.

Why do we use cork in our toy products?

Whilst it may come as a surprise to some, a little insight into this unique, natural material is all you need to understand why we use Portuguese cork at Corkademy. Cork is the outer bark that comes from the cork oak tree, Quercus suber — a tree native to Europe and northwest Africa. 

Cork trees and harvested cork Corkademy
Cork harvesting explained

Whilst other species of trees are typically cut down to create natural products, the cork oak tree is not. The cork forms the thick outer layer of the tree called the cambium, and this plant tissue can be harvested every 9 years. In the lifetime of a cork oak tree, the cork can be harvested up to 12 times without harming the tree. It is because of this that cork is one of the most sustainable materials available to us as we seek environmentally friendly alternatives to tackle climate change.

What makes cork so special?

Beyond being a sustainable material, cork is naturally impermeable, elastic and fire retardant. Studied under a microscope, the chemical structure of cork is truly spectacular. Made up of cells similar to that of a beehive, each is lined with a waxy substance called suberin and filled with gas. It is this unique composition that makes cork lightweight, spongy, and perfect for natural baby products.

Invite nature indoors and inspire the next generation to explore the wonders of the great outdoors
Why switch to cork?

Natural and sustainable

Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic

Durable and hard-wearing

Renewable, recyclable and reusable


Fire retardant

Liquid and moisture resistant

Thermal insulator

Quick and easy to clean

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Have a question?

Do you have a question about Corkademy? Perhaps, you'd like to know more about our shipping and returns policies? We're here to assist you. 

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